Here’s another quick verdict on an eatery that is perfect for a quick bite or a hearty meal with your friends and family. Founded and headed by Majella, this family-friendly restaurant reflects her passion for all things delicious and enticing.

Factor 1: Food

From flavoursome Chinese dishes to homemade scrumptious desserts, Rustic Kitchen offers a wide range of food items that are both local and foreign. Interestingly, their specials are inspired by the wild west.

For drinks, we ordered a fresh orange juice and a herbal juice. The herbal juice is a house specialty made using carrots, cucumbers, and lime. The sweetness of the carrot paired well with the acidity of lime, making it very refreshing while the orange juice tasted fresh. We skipped the appetizers and ordered the mains – Sea Food Chow Mein and Sizzling Pepper Styled Pork. The chow mein was full of flavour and had a generous serving of seafood mixed in. In my opinion, I’d like it to have a bit more sauce mixed in, to avoid dryness of the noodles. The Sizzling Pepper Styled Pork was spicy yet delicious and it paired well with the noodles. For dessert, we order Home Made Carmel Pudding. It was decadent and rich in flavour but the presentation of it wasn’t really appealing.

Tip: When you are at Rustic Kitchen, don’t forget to try out ‘Aunty Rozanne’s biscuit pudding’, which is another crowd favourite.

Factor 2: Service

The staff at Rustic Kitchen is attentive to your needs. They would also guide you through the menu and recommend dishes for you. It took about thirty minutes for our main dishes and about five minutes for the dessert to arrive. However, the time depends on the dish you order.

Factor 3: Ambience

The interior at Rustic Kitchen is evidently inspired by the wild west. From lighting to the table arrangements, the restaurant sets the mood for a calm setting. The bright canary yellow sofas add a bright note and if you observe well you can find little blackboards with quirky notices. The basement hosts a bar aptly named as the Stables is where you can enjoy a drink or two on BYOB basis.

Factor 4: Price

At Rustic Kitchen, for a three-course meal for two, the price would range from 2,500 LKR to 10,000 LKR or more. However, you can have a quick yet filling snack for under 2,000 LKR.

Factor 5: Location

Located on the Negombo- Colombo main road, Rustic Kitchen is a little hard to notice with its spacious parking space in the front. From Colombo, through the Negombo – Colombo main road, you can reach Rustic Kitchen in about an hour. If you are heading towards Colombo from Bandaranaike International Airport through the expressway, you can reach Rustic Kitchen in less than an hour.

Tip: Make sure you skip the busy hours in the morning and in the evening when heading towards Rustic Kitchen from Colombo to avoid the heavy traffic.

Factor 6: Parking

As mentioned before, another reason why I think Rustic Kitchen is ideal for a large gathering is the availability of ample parking space which can easily accommodate about eight cars.

Their motto, a recipe has no soul as the cook must bring soul to the recipe is certainly reflected on their dishes to their service. If you are living in or around Kandana or even passing by, don’t forget to pay a visit to Rustic Kitchen.

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9 replies on “Belt – Busting Dishes at the Rustic Kitchen

  1. I went there about a year ago when I last came down to Sri Lanka. The service was awful I should say even after taking more than 30 mins to prepare the order it wasn’t that good. I can see they have done some cosmetic improvements to the place I hope they offer a better service now.

    Exceptional writing! Maintain your style.


    1. Hi Aruna. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and your words of encouragement. In my opinion, the food and the service they offer are worth the price they charge. However, I believe they still have to improve in food presentation. I suggest you visit them one more time.


  2. I first thought you just post pictures on Instagram. But this is some serious work. Just love your work, unlike many I see you comply with many global standards even in your website. Good luck!


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