A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to visit one of the most talked about Restaurants in Galle – The Runcible Spoon at Owl & the Pussycat Hotel. The hotel itself is a living rendition of the poem Owl & the Pussycat by Edward Lear and the restaurant stands as a true testament for Sri Lankan Fusion Cuisine.

Signature dishes at OTP such as the Gotukola Gazpacho – a cold soup made using locally grown Centella and the Lamb Themparadu – slow Roasted lamb with Jaffna spices, modernizes the flavors of Sri Lanka that stands up to any high global cuisine.

All dishes are created mainly using locally sourced ingredients and Ms. Reita is very keen about maintaining particular about cooking techniques. That’s why at Runcible Spoon you can indulge without having to worry about your health. Following the concept of ‘Pan to Plate’, Ms. Reita is strict about how each dish is prepared using only freshly produced ingredients. For her, wellness comes first and it is important as good taste.

To commemorate the Chinese New Year, the head chef at Runcible Spoon – Chef Amila, under the supervision of the remarkable Reita Gadhkari, improvised a special 7-course menu which they included authentic Chinese dishes with a Sri Lanka twist and here’s my verdict on it.

First Starter – Crispy Seaweed

The 7-course menu started off with batter-fried crispy seaweed strips served with a fresh, crunchy salad. I loved the flavor that was created with the saltiness of the seaweed mixed with the freshness of the veggies. If you are someone who is looking for a healthier yet a flavorsome snack, this one is for you.

Amuse-bouche – Vegetable Dumpling

A staple in Chinese cuisine, dumplings are widely a popular dish around the world. Although it had a nice gingery bite to it, I was not blown away by the flavor.

Soup – Clear Coriander Soup with Sliced Prawns, Fresh Coriander & Lemon Grass

Without a doubt, the Clear Coriander Soup with Jumbo Prawns was one of my favorite dishes in this menu. The herbs not only flavored the soup but also added a refreshing note. The prawns, of course, were juicy and had a burst of flavor. It was a light soup packed with rejuvenaFlavoredors and I believe it could be an ideal mid-week dinner option too.

Appetizers – Wok Tossed Noodles with Asian Greens

No Chinese Menu is complete without noodles. Flavoured with fresh sesame oil and veggies, this dish had the perfect balance between texture and flavor. The noodles were succulent yet not greasy.

Main Course – Wok Tossed Jumbo Prawns with Stir-Fried Asian Greens

Undoubtedly,  this was my favorite dish from the entire menu. Served with steamed rice, the prawns were juicy and bursting with Asian flavors while the stir-fried greens added a subtle smoked flavor. For a dish that had a ton of spicy flavor and pungency, it was amazingly light.

Dessert – Chinese Rice Pudding with Red Bean Sauce & Fresh Mango Slices

Rice pudding is a moreish dessert that never fails to satisfy anyone’s cravings for a hearty dessert. However, this classic Chinese dessert got a little makeover at OTP thanks to fresh mango slices, fresh mint, and slivered almonds, making it irresistible.

All in all, the food, the ambiance, and the overall service at OTP would undoubtedly make the special dining out experience even more special.

I believe that at OTP, you will discover a different dimension where passion for delicacies, fine arts, and good music are always welcomed.

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