It’s no secret that Covid-19 has transformed our lives, forcing us to adapt to a new world with technology. At the heart of this transformation are Social Media Platforms.

Although as integral as they are, these platforms often provide their audiences with an escape from reality and can be the very source of an infodemic, especially during a pandemic.

But what can your business, however large or small it is, do to keep its social media accounts active in the right way, during these uncertain times? What can you do as a brand to keep your audiences engaged with empathetic, informative and creative content?

Keep scrolling to know about four simple social media etiquettes that you can use to stay afloat during a global crisis.

Know your audience

The best way to re-enter the digital arena is by listening to your audience.
Researching and understanding your audience and their perspective will allow you to customise your products/services and create content that aligns with your audience’s sentiments.

Ex: Launched as an online food ordering and delivering platform, Uber Eats later modified their services to provide other items such as groceries, especially during travel restrictions imposed due to Covid19

Use but don’t Abuse

Covid19 has taken a toll on everyone at every level in society. The pandemic may have opened up different opportunities for your business. But for another, it may have caused irreversible losses.

Before you hit that ‘share’ button, review your content thoroughly to ensure that the tone, words and images used in your post will not offend anyone. Most importantly, do not use Covid19 as a platform to actively promote your brand on social media.

Post Responsibly

One can easily get lost in the infodemic which, can be detrimental at times. Staying relevant is necessary during a pandemic, but that does not mean you should share misinformation or bombard your audience with content 24×7. Identify the little cues your audience leaves on your social media channels with their engagement and create content accordingly.

If you wish to share information related to Covid19, share such information from reliable sources such as WHO and relevant Government entities.

Respond quickly

According to a study conducted by Conversocial, 94% of your customers and prospects expect a reply to a complaint they make on social media within 24 hours. Use simple tools like Automated Messages on Facebook Business Suite to promptly respond to inquiries, comments, and feedback.

In that way, you are not only retaining your business with the audience but also communicating with them directly.

Tools such as Facebook Business Suite have made it easier for you to respond to your audience and monitor their activities on your Facebook and Instagram pages using your mobile device.

Although we live in unprecedented times, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s take this opportunity to use social media to change, be creative and stay positive.

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