Did you know that your kitchen could be an ideal place for you to navigate through the global Covid-19 Pandemic, with minimum ingredients but with a ton of creativity?

Here are three simple recipes to make in quarantine that doesn’t require a long list of ingredients or time, but sure to nourish not just your tummy but your mind and soul.

A gloriously delicious fruit smoothie

Kick start your morning with a nourishing and visually appealing fruit smoothie. Since its time of the year where mangoes are in season, here’s a quick recipe for a mangolicious smoothie.


  • 01 large or 02 medium-sized, well-ripened mangoes 
  • 01 tablespoon of plain yoghurt 
  • 01 small banana
  • Water or milk of your choice


Chop up the mangoes and the banana. Blend the fruits with yoghurt and add water or milk on steady stream to adjust the consistency of the smoothie. Make it a super delightful treat by topping it off with Vanilla ice-cream.

If you want to make a smoothie that is a bit more nutritious and vibrant, check this awesome smoothie recipe by Aasif on his channel.

A cosy Tomato and Egg Drop Soup

Are you looking for a light-weight meal that will whet your appetite?

Check out this recipe by Marion Grasby to create a simple yet delicious tomato and egg drop soup with only a few ingredients.

A creamy, South Korean Coffee

Have you still not succumbed to the joys of making whipped coffee? Without a doubt, Dalgona Coffee has become one of the most popular beverages to try out during the ongoing lockdown. Click here to learn how to create your version of Dalgona Coffee.

There you have it. Three simple yet mouth-watering recipes that will make your quarantine period a little more interesting.

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