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The most effective conversions come from a robust and data driven strategies. Creating effective, market-oriented, comprehensive strategies using meaningful data and insights.

Content Creation

Develop creatives that are specifically tailored to clients’ products is process. Creating engaging and appealing content is the way to position your brand in the mind of your clients.

Implementation and Management

Getting noticed by your audience is not a rocky path with the right navigation. Publish and manage content to gain more conversations and conversions from the right audience.

Reporting and Analysing

Thorough analysis of the data to identify digital measures and opportunities in crafting the right digital strategy to meet business objectives from data.

Case Studies

Runcible Spoon Restaurant

One-year project to establish the Runcible Spoon Restaurant as a stand-alone entity on social media at the Owl & Pussycat Hotel in Galle.

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Avinda Enterprises

Short term project to initiate the transition from offline marketing activities to online marketing activities, focusing on social media.

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BMW Sri Lanka

The goal was to update the social profiles regularly and thereby request verification for both Facebook and Instagram profiles of BMW Sri Lanka.

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Junior George

A short term management of the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Junior George to kick-start their digital marketing efforts.

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