Project Goal

Avinda Enterprise provides services for Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles since 1992. More than 80% of their customer base is loyal and are recurring customers. Nevertheless, the competition for vehicle repair centres specialised in Mercedes-Benz vehicles was rising, and it made the organization to create a strong online presence to attract new customers. The organization also had to recreate its brand identity, redefine its core values and streamline both offline and online elements to fit its Go-to-Market strategy.


Firstly, a brand-new Instagram business page was created for Avinda Enterprise. The account will also act as an online store for vehicle spare parts. The Facebook page was revamped with new content themes and followed a consistent design for all the posts. Further, the organization shared stories about the skills and expertise of its employees, as the younger and potential customers rely heavily on employee knowledge. The social media accounts act as engaging platforms for both the organization and the customers in sharing inquiries and service experiences.


Avinda Auto Engineering

Project Duration:

10 Months


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