With a living monument, the city of Galle has transformed itself to become one of the most visited and revered historical sites in Sri Lanka. A stroll in the fort will show you how the old buildings have converted this iconic fortress into an epic tourists destination.

Although there are numerous hotels & villas to stay at Galle Fort, staying there could be quiet expensive. Earlier this year, I visited 18 Faces – an upcoming boutique hotel that not only fit my budget but also cozy and intimate. Keep reading to find out more about this newbie in Galle!


18 Faces hotel is located just 3km away from Galle Town. Once you get to the main town of Galle, in less than 15 minutes you can reach 18 Faces hotel. Spoiler Alert – the hotel does not treat you for a magnificent beach view yet you will be treated with a well-maintained garden and an Instagram worthy pool.


Like any other boutique hotel, 18 Faces hotel has paid keen attention to detail on the interior and exterior of the hotel. The rooms are spacious enough yet cozy. Each room has its own attached bathroom with hot water facility, a cupboard, a TV, a Bluetooth speaker, a mini fridge with beverages, a large mirror and of course a very comfortable bed. Each room has it’s a distinct aroma that surprisingly calms and soothes you, especially in the night. To keep in line with the name of the hotel, headboard of the bed is decorated with the faces of uniquely Sri Lankan masks and characters from old folklore. I must admit, it was creepy and scary at first but I feel like it added more character and dimension to the interior of the hotel.

The restaurant also carries the same rustic but modern style. The yellow and blue furnishing added a nice pop of colour while the wooden stairs and white walls balance the interior out. As mentioned, the pool at 18 Faces hotel is one of my favourite pools. It’s small yet cozy and intimate. There’s even a huge floating flamingo to keep you accompanied. The pool, to my knowledge, is open even during the night.

Accommodation & Food

18 Faces Boutique hotel offers stays only on B&B thus far. But with plenty of eateries in and around Galle Fort, you will get the perfect opportunity to explore the dynamics of authentic Sri Lankan Southern cuisine. Pictured below is the English breakfast I had and even though it looks like I had little to nothing, it was filling. Also, you can always ask for more.


If you wish to explore the city faster, 18 Faces Boutique hotel can provide you with scooters (motorcycles) at a reasonable daily flat rate. All you have to do is asking the staff and they will assist you. With under 120 USD, I was able to get the best out of my mini vacation.

If you have been to 18 Faces, let me know your thoughts about this place and if you haven’t do definitely pay them a visit.


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