Hey there, wondering what the title means? Fear not because this is a mini verdict on one of the restaurants I’ve found and fallen in love with recently. If you love pizzas and always in the lookout to treat yourself with pizzas – then Rocco’s is the place for you to go.

With this I am starting to post mini verdicts on restaurants and cafes I visit using Six Factor Verification. These six factors would help you to choose a restaurant or a cafe to enjoy a great meal or to hang out with your friends and family.

Follow these Six Factors I’ve listed below to know whether Rocco’s is 94 Approved or not.

Factor 1: Food

The most important factor and the benchmark for any restaurant or cafe is food. No matter how awesome the place looks, if the food is not tasty and delicious then it’s a no go for me. For an Italian Restaurant – Rocco’s has a wide range of food items starting from appetizers to pasta, salads, desserts and every Italian’s favourite dish – Pizzas. I must say that their pizza range is very impressive. It doesn’t matter if you are a meat lover, a pescatarian or even a vegetarian, this pizza range can serve anyone.

I ordered a 14” Meat Fest and it was divine! It included Ground Beef, Ham, Chorizo Sausage, Bacon, Capers, Onion, Black Olives topped off with oozing Mozzarella Cheese. All ingredients used in their dishes are fresh and with an open kitchen, you can see the process of making a pizza in true Italian Style. 

By sprinkling, a bit of dried oregano on top of the pizza did bring out all the different flavours of each meat. Truth be told, I didn’t want to try out any other dish as this was filling. So boys if you are looking for a place that can fill you up without having to spend much money, this place is for you.

Recommended: If you are having pizzas, drink plenty of water. In that way you can truly taste each distinct flavour and you certainly can eat more. 

Factor 2: Service

One of the most attentive staff I have come across in a restaurant. Very friendly and they would even walk you to your table and it shows how much they value each and every customer that walks into their restaurant. Table service was relatively quick and after placing the order it took only about 20 mins. for the pizza to arrive. They would surely let you know the time you have to wait for your food when you place the order and time varies depending on the dish.

Factor 3: Price

If you wish to have a three-course meal the price would range from 3,000 – 8,000 LKR (inclusive of taxes and service charges) for two. However, if you are headed there just to try out a pizza, the price would range from 1,500 – 3,000 LKR for two. In my opinion, the prices are reasonable because even at Pizza Hut 02 large pizzas with extra cheese would cost you around 5,000 LKR.

Recommended: Head over to www.roccos.lk to see the entire menu and prices for each item.


Factor 4: Location

Situated in Nawala, Rajagiriya road within about 800 meters from Rajagiriya to Nawala on your right, Rocco’s is not located in a convenient area. With the newly built flyover bridge, I myself would avoid Rajagiriya and surrounding areas during rush hours given how congested it can be with traffic. However, if you skip the rush hours during weekdays, you will be able to reach there without a hassle.

Recommended: They do have a delivery service available within the city limits of Colombo if you want to avoid the trouble of getting there in traffic.

Factor 5: Parking

Parking space is available in front of the restaurant which would accommodate about 5-6 cars depending upon the space available.

Factor 6: Ambiance

If you are looking for a cozy place to linger with your friends, unfortunately, Rocco’s is not the place for you. With regular chairs & tables inside, this place is strictly for dine in. But it would be an ideal restaurant for a date night. They even have placed miniature candles on tables to make you feel like you are in a fancy restaurant.

All in all, Rocco’s has been able to capture the true taste of Italian signature dishes and 94 • LIFESTYLE approves Rocco’s. Comment down and let me know how was your experience at Rocco’s if you have visited and tried their food.

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My six-factor verdict review about Rocco's Pizza at Rajagiriya. Check out if it is up to your standards!

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