Two years ago when I joined (LMK) I never imagined that photography and filming has become such a massive sensation among us. With the arrival of high tech DSLR’s it is pretty obvious that now photography and filming has become one of the most easily adoptable professions. Nevertheless how many of these so called photographers have really put their heart and soul to capture moments than just pictures and videos?

Our photographers at LMK have always worked to capture not just moments but emotions and sentiments on any occasion. Yet I have realized that with time and the rapid changes of the needs – photography and filming have became just another profession to them. What once was used to be an art with a high value to it slowly became a just a thing to do to earn something. Bitter truth is the art of capturing moments is dying.

That’s why I decided to start 94 • LIFESTYLE (94LS). It is not just another photography nor a filming site. But it is a place where passion for writing, creative art, travel and lifestyle meets the world.

94 • LIFESTYLE aims to create a platform for enthusiastic explorers to wander in Sri Lanka and also to share a tip or two about travel and living. My priority is to push the boundaries of our culture and integrate with the local as well as international community in sharing the beauty of the pearl of the Indian Ocean. As fancy & unrealistic as it may sound; within the past couple of months 94LS have really pushed the limits in creating art in an extra ordinary manner.

It is still the beginning to me. 94 • LIFESTYLE is not just another enterprise. It is a place where integrity, commitment and creativity are valued. Whether it is just a resort, a luxurious hotel, a historic site or even just a trendy event; to 94 • LIFESTYLE it is an experience and every experience count.

94 • LIFESTYLE is not yet the best. But I could certainly say that 94LS one of the few entities that is unique and aims to be the best by delighting the who ever visits the website.

P.S. Yes I did learn a thing or two about modeling as well 😀 YOLO!

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