Dear Keshiya

It’s been exactly 31 days and I know I am kind of late on expressing these thoughts yet I want you to know what was going on inside my head on your wedding day. There’s no doubt when I say that you were one of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen in my life so far. You were graceful yet poised with elegance in a gorgeous princessy dress .

Keshiya as the brideWhen you first asked me to give a speech about a month ago on your special day I honestly thought that you were just kidding. But when you asked whether I was ready for my speech just like one day before your wedding I was shocked. I had no clue about what to say. But I did know that I would surely say ‘ I still can’t believe that you got married’

When I got called up as your best friend to give my speech this is what I wanted to tell (but I was way too overwhelmed)

Keshi You are literally my partner in crime. You are the girl I go to whenever I need to have a good dance or drink away the night with. You are the one I could get all the girly advices from and you are certainly my wing woman 😉 Never thought you’d be the first to tie the knot but I knew when it comes to relationship and marriage you’d be the one among us to do it right. You set an inspiration to all the girls and especially to me.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot at GalleYou prove that no matter what others say you are the sole owner of your life and it is completely upto you to have & live the life you always dream of. You cast down all your naysayers and your proved that if you believe in what you really want then nothing can stop you from getting it.

You look sweet and delicate; but you are a fighter Keshi. A strong girl who is ready to face the reality come what may.

My dearest Keshi, I wish you and Derrick a life full of nothing but happiness and love. May you have the courage to be the strong yet the loving girl you are throughout this new chapter of your life!

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