“A passionate volunteer and a rebel at heart”

Hey there! Welcome to 94 • LIFESTYLE! A travel and lifestyle blog focused on drawing your attention to not so popular traveling destinations and experiences.

I am a graduate in Marketing and a full-time Social Media Specialist at Ogilvy Sri Lanka. A great listener, an Audi fanatic who is desperately longing for travel and of course thrives on scrumptious food.

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, I always had an unsatisfied desire for travel and adventure. For me, traveling is the best way to meet new people and listening to their stories have inspired me to travel more often. With a never-ending love for Galle, I believe I merely have scratched the surface when exploring Sri Lanka.

On this blog, you will read and see about my experiences when traveling in Sri Lanka and I hope it will inspire you to travel more!

Some of the brands that I’ve worked with